Samadhi in Schools aims to improve our education system by developing good health, wellbeing and joy in teachers. When educators are happy, healthy and well, our students are more likely to be the same.

Online resources including videos, webinars and articles help teachers to support their own wellbeing. Our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest groups also help to provide a network of support.

As a speaker at conferences, professional development days and in-services, Alison creates an atmosphere of relaxed fun, guiding educators in practical skills and strategies to support their wellbeing and health, and to inspire joy in all members of staff.


Good question! And probably not one asked by a teacher. They know already that teaching can be a tough gig.


It's really exciting to see that there’s a focus on student wellbeing in schools across the Australia and around the world, in policy and often in practice. There's a recognition that children and young people are more anxious than ever and are having trouble coping with the challenges of modern life. And so it is reassuring that there is action being taken to give them practical skills and knowledge to support their mental health.

And who is it that's usually imparting this wisdom? It is you, the teacher, who was up late marking, got in early to prepare before a staff meeting and a parent phone call, did playground duty while eating a sandwich with a quick duck in to the loo before the next session.

It is you, the teacher, who stopped a fist fight on the oval, and a chair being thrown across the room, and taught a differentiated lesson on multiplication while being assessed for their accreditation.

It is you, the principal, who dealt with a return from suspension, an unexpected leave application and a call to the Welfare Unit all before 9:15.

It is also you - teachers, principals, educators - who are supposed to be delivering lessons on health, wellbeing and mindfulness.

How can we truly impart the knowledge and skills for wellbeing, health, mindfulness, resilience or joy if it’s not there in our own daily experience?

Just like in the aeroplane safety instructions, we need to take care of ourselves first, so that we can truly help others in our care.

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