This is a short list of resources to support your good health, wellbeing and joy as a teacher. We add to it all the time so check back soon to see what else has been shared!

Emergency support

If you believe your physical or mental health is being significantly compromised, don't muck around, especially if it is a result of trauma or physical or psychological harm received at school.

  • Lifeline Australia, ph: 13 11 14, is a wonderful place to start if you require immediate support for your mental health.

  • Your school or education department probably has a support system in place for mental health, especially if you have experienced trauma or psychological harm at school. This may start with your supervisor, head of department or principal, but may also include a phone or online contact who can support your needs or direct you to an appropriate support. If you're not sure, you could check with your supervisor or colleague who you trust.

  • If you're a member of a teaching union or federation, they may be able to provide you with information or direct you to an appropriate support if you've experienced trauma or psychological harm at school.

  • Your GP can also help with physical and mental health concerns. If you don't have one you feel comfortable with, find a new one! Talk to them honestly about your health concerns and develop an appropriate health plan.

Community connections

Teaching can sometimes feel lonely. Here are a few suggestions to connect with your colleagues and the wider teaching community.

  • Join the Samadhi in Schools social media networks on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest but don't just sit back, start a conversation and get involved!

  • Get out of the classroom at recess and connect with your colleagues. Positive staffroom conversation is a great way to debrief, but for goodness' sake, talk about something other than school as well! You're more than your role as a teacher, and so are they. Debrief then dig deeper.

  • Check in with your educated friends! If you haven't seen the friends you went to university with or other teaching friends in a while, now's the time to give them a message or call, or better yet, catch up face-to-face. There are unique experiences that come with being a teacher, so call on a friend who understands.

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