January 14, 2018

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May 12, 2018

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Why my face just melted (it ain’t just the heat!)

December 19, 2017

Errrrghhgerrrhmmmm. That’s the sound made by teachers all over Australia as they finish the teaching year (except for poor Vic and Tassie – keep going, guys! You’re almost there!) Congrats! Put one hand up, put the other hand up and give yourself a high five. You’ve made it!


So, what now? Well, there are presents to get and wrap, busy shopping centres to manoeuvre, road trips to take, family to catch up with, friends to eat copious amounts with and all those jobs around the house we’ve been putting off all term (year?). Heck! That sounds like more work!



Here are some ways to start your holidays in a more relaxing way:


1. Get a massage. Use up your health insurance (if you’re covered) and book in a remedial massage. I literally just got one and I feel like my face has melted (in a good way). If you’re still wound up from the term you might get a case of the ol' taco brain while you’re on the massage table, and that’s okay, you're human. There are so many benefits to massage which you could read about here or, better yet, go and feel the benefits for yourself! Go on, book it in now!



2. Have a pyjama day. A former colleague once told me that at the start of each school holiday she has a ‘pyjama day’. She stays in something comfy, lolls around the house, watches a few movies and takes naps (yes, naps). Isn’t that the best?

Our bodies need to rest after long periods of stress. So before you launch into all the stuff you need to do, give yourself a break, and then tackle what you need to do from a more relaxed state. Sure you might have to get some shopping done, but don't end up as a cranky customer!


3. Sleep in. It sounds so obvious, but turn off the alarm and leave any plans for the afternoon (unless it’s your pyjama day!) Stay in bed, and if you wake up, read a book (not your phone) until you doze off again.



It's just a quick note today, my face might be back where it’s meant to be, but I do feel a nap coming on! Take rest, teachers and enjoy these well-deserved holidays in good health and wellbeing.


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What other ways do you ease into the holidays? How else do you support your health and wellbeing in the first week or two of vacation? Leave a comment below to share your best ideas.

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