January 14, 2018

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May 12, 2018

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Teaching games (it's not what you think!)

April 9, 2018


It’s Games time for the Commonwealth – and almost games time for many teachers ready to take on the holidays!


I’ll admit, I’m more on the “Ergh. How will this affect the traffic!?” camp than “Oo! What can I go see!?” (I live not too far from the Gold Coast and had to drive through for a workshop I held in Brisbane last week).


And then of course it comes around and I find myself getting excited by the competition, the highs and lows and the fact that the Paralympians are competing at the same time (so awesome!).


Which got me thinking – what events would there be for a Teacher Olympics?


Here are my top 5 events:


  • Shooting (Long and short distance categories, of course):

No, no – not guns, guys! That would be crazy! Awarded to teachers who can silence a student from halfway across the assembly hall with a single, intense stare or for those whose sharp gaze to the back row will halt even a thought of a whisper.


  • Triple jump:

For the teacher with a sixth sense for danger. They seem to glide across the playground or classroom to break up fights and address concerns. Masters of this technique will skate so smoothly that no other students will notice the potential drama.


  • Squash:

Awarded to teachers who excel in using their voice to startle students (and colleagues) at any given moment with a NATURALLY BOOMING VOICE. Done with skill, this unique gift will only be utilised on rare occasions to great effect to quell any misdemeanour or conversation.


  • Table tennis:

Handing out books while walking around the room? Not for these gold medallists! While it may be considered an old-fashioned skill in this age, there are still those who can hand out text books without leaving their seat. Often acting as athlete and coach, they will have their team ready to catch.


  • Powerlifting:

Usually for teachers in early childhood or special education, these absolute powerhouses are adept at hoisting, holding and manoeuvring. They are low fuss, high energy and wholehearted.



These categories require skill and energy (okay, maybe not for table tennis but certainly for the others!) It takes effort to have a heightened sense of awareness, to put energy into managing behaviour and physical exertion, if that’s in your role. So, take time to play, rest, stretch and recharge as you enjoy school holidays.


And remember, you've gotten up early, trained hard, overcome hurdles and dealt with a sometimes unforgiving crowd. Even if you don't fit into one of the categories above, I still reckon you deserve a medal.


Feel like you need to stretch out after your efforts this term? Take a look at the Samadhi in Schools free yoga sessions on Facebook.

Need a retreat to rest, recover and recharge? Look at our upcoming events.


Have another idea for a category in the Teaching Games? I'd love to hear it! Put your thoughts in the comments box below.


Need more support to get you through the holidays and term? Sign up here.


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